Object creation

Type of objects

There are different types of nodes and links available in eNMS.

  • Node: Router, Switch, Optical switch, Server, Host, Antenna, Regenerator, Firewall.
  • Link: Ethernet link, Optical link, Etherchannel (LAG), Optical channel, Pseudowire, BGP peering.

Each type of node (resp. link) has a specific icon (resp. color) when displayed graphically:

Different types of objects


Objects can be created from the objects/object_management page, in two different ways:

  • Manually, by entering the value of each property in a form. With this method, objects have to be created one by one.
  • By importing an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx).

Manual creation

Clicking on the Add a new node or Add a new link buttons will open a form with the list of all properties of the object.

Node and link creation

Fill the form and click on the Submit button.

Node and link creation forms

Creation via import

All objects can be created at once by importing an Excel file. Each spreadsheet corresponds to a type of object. The first line of a spreadsheet contains the properties, the following lines define the objects, as demonstrated in the example below.

Example of excel spreadsheet for import

For eNMS to let you choose an Excel spreadsheet to import, click on the Import a network topology button in the object_management page.

Excel import button


You can find examples of such spreadsheets in eNMS/projects.


If an imported object already exists, its properties will be updated.


Some properties are mandatory:
  • Name: objects are uniquely defined by their name.
  • Source and destination: a link needs a source and a destination to be created.


In order to visualize the network topology on a map, nodes must have geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude).